New Film: Beyond the Tipping Point? now available

If time to avert an environmental crisis is running out, what's driving climate activists and campaigners on?

A new film Beyond the Tipping Point is available free to campaign and community groups, policy organisations and educational institutions, to open up discussion about action in the face of climate ultimatums.

30,000 days, 100 months, Copenhagen now Mexico - what effect do these so called deadlines and tipping points have on our motivations to act on climate change? And what sustains the activities of environmental groups and campaigners when these dates have passed?

The thirty minute film, directed Dr Stefan Skrimshire of Manchester University, explores these questions through a series of interviews with people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and perspectives. Contributors include a Met Office international climate expert, a Bangladeshi social justice campaigner; direct action group Plane Stupid, Buddhist leaders and leading academics as well as activists at last years UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

Any group with an interest in these issues is invited to screen the film and hold a discussion in their local area - be they a transition town, environmental campaign or a school, university, community group, social enterprise or other socially driven organisation.

Dr Skrimshire states that the intention of the film is simply "to open up the conversation to all, and provoke questions we perhaps are not used to asking." It forms part of a three year research project called Future Ethics with an accompanying book due out at the end of the month, featuring chapters by many of those interviewed in the film.

He hopes that the film will enrich debate in the wider climate change movement. Groups who hold screenings are invited to feed back on their discussions and share perspectives through the project website.

Beyond the Tipping Point is available free of charge in a screening pack, including DVD, promotional posters and a workshop template.

To request a screening pack, please email your group details to

For further information and to view the trailer, visit the website at

Stefan Skrimshire

About the film
The film has drawn praise from writers and campaigners in the climate change movement.

Dubbed by Paul Vallely of the Independent as "thought provoking".

Professor Alistair Macintosh, author of Soil and Soul described the film as, "A prophetic work... it draws out the beauty of those who care".

Leo Murray of direct action group Plane Stupid says of the film: "This should be seen by everyone involved in the struggle to prevent us from reaching the point of no return in the climate system... This type of critical reflection is invaluable to our understanding of our own actions and what we seek to achieve by them."