Services for Housing Providers
Solar panel being fitted

Marches Energy Agency works with Housing Providers across the Midlands, helping them to meet their aims and aspirations for carbon reduction and healthy, resilient residents.

We have a small team of Project Managers and volunteers who are knowledgeable, experienced and genuinely interested in finding solutions for often unique and complex problems.

Three years ago we set up the MARCHES SOCIAL HOUSING PARTNERSHIP currently comprising 6 Housing Associations and 3 Local Authorities. The Partnership allows sharing of knowledge and experiences; exploration and development of new schemes and opportunities and facilitates discussion and debate.

We also offer ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REVIEWS which help you to understand your energy costs and carbon savings.  Conducting an EIR of the operational activities of your organisation enables the setting of a baseline of the current environmental cost of the day to day running of your housing management and maintenance services. These impacts can be quantified and aggregated in terms of GHGs emitted as a result of your organisations activities. Carbon reduction targets can then be set and an indicative improvement plan of feasible energy saving measures can be produced.

We are able to help with smaller projects. In 2014-15 these included: Assessing the performance of new PASSIVE VENTILATION SYSTEMS in a number of properties; delivering BIG ENERGY SAVING NETWORK training to frontline workers and tenants with funding from DECC; and training frontline workers in our inique LIVE4LESS train the trainers programme.

To see if we can help you, contact Simon Ross on 01743 277114 or email