Services for Communities

Marches Energy Agency works with communities across the Midlands. We work with:

  •  Communities of place – community groups and locations such as specific wards, towns
  • Communities of interest    such as faith networks or those with a commitment to working with the most vulnerable, such as local Age UKs or Fire and Rescue Services

We recognise that communities can gain the knowledge, trust and confidence to act decisively around sustainable energy, both individually, and through their networks and relationships, to help transform the places they live in for the better.

Examples of our community work include: 

  • Running a successful Climate Change Communication Service which raises awareness about climate change and encourages individuals to take positive steps towards a low carbon lifestyle. This service supports community groups across two counties who are taking action on climate change through a range of services including a monthly newsletter, a website, training and events.
  • Working with community activists in a post-industrial community to weave sustainability into poverty alleviation work

'I find the monthly newsletters to be a useful source of information on climate related activity in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. It is encouraging to read about people actually doing things to try to combat Climate Change.' - A community group member

'There is so much out there that I don't know what to believe so I use (your) newsletter and website as I trust them.'
- A community group member

We aspire to tap into community knowledge around domestic retrofit and to create a workable and vibrant domestic retrofit market. 

Find out how we can help you, contact Simon Ross on 01743 277106 or