Services for Communities

Marches Energy Agency works with communities across the Midlands.

We work with both communities of place – community groups and locations such as specific wards, towns, and communities of interest  –  such as faith networks or those with a commitment to working with the most vulnerable. 

We recognise the untapped potential of communities to gain the knowledge, trust and confidence to act decisively around sustainable energy, both individually, and through their network and relationships, to help transform the places they live in for the better.

We have a small team of Project Managers and volunteers who are knowledgeable, experienced and genuinely interested in finding solutions for often unique and complex problems. Our approach is always flexible but focusses on sustainable energy solutions that are relevant to that community, and which can deliver.

At the heart of what we do is our comprehensive DOMESTIC ENERGY SERVICE which offers a programme of free, impartial advice to householders within a geographical community; training of intermediaries and engagement with communities with the aim of helping them to save money; improve their comfort; reduce the liklihood of cold related ill health,stimulate local economic activity and  reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

For several years we have offered SUSTAINABILITY AUDITS to Community Building owners. We can do a full audit or walkaround survey of your building and offer follow on support to develop recommendations through Business Planning and funding bids, including crowd funding.

We also run a successful CLIMATE CHANGE COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE which raises awareness about climate change and encourages individuals to take positive steps towards a low carbon lifestyle.

Our creativity allows us to respond to one off opportunities and challenges.  In 2014-15 these included: obtaining funding for and co-ordinating a GREEN OPEN HOMES event; delivering a range of training and advice under DECC's BIG ENERGY SAVING NETWORK; and running a RESILIENT COMMUNITIES funding programme.

To see if we can help you, contact Simon Ross on 01743 277114 or