MEA recognises that our communities offer the potential for sustained action on fuel poverty, climate change and wider sustainability. We believe this can create more inclusive and resilient communities better able to respond to these challenges.

We also know that communities need support to make this happen. We think we can help. Below are some areas where we could work together:

  • We currently run a successful Climate Change Communications Service, now in its 10th year, which raises awareness about climate change and encourages individuals and communities to take positive steps towards a low carbon lifestyle. It supports community groups across two counties via a monthly newsletter, website, training and events. We would be happy to develop a similar service for other areas.
  • Our Fantastic Home exhibition is a mobile energy efficiency exhibition – a “house on wheels” – which offers home energy efficiency and domestic renewables advice in a fun, interactive and engaging way. It visits around 20 community-focused events per year. It is available for hire and comes with an experienced, qualified member of our staff.

Other areas of work we could develop

  • Working with existing partners to develop a deeper understanding of energy use to allow them to better support more householders in fuel poverty. This could include working with partners to deliver projects focussed on specific groups of people such as young families, the elderly, carers, park home sites, private rental homes, urban, farming or rural communities.
  • Developing a climate change project with partners and exploring ways this can be woven into your existing work.
  • Working with faith networks to link faith and action on climate change.
  • Developing projects with communities and Network Operators, to move energy supply and demand onto a low carbon trajectory. This could include the use and uptake of electric vehicles, opportunities to trade electricity locally, implement energy storage solutions, or develop smart grid applications, tariff changes and/or renewable energy generation.
  • Working with householders to develop deep retrofit projects achieving cuts in energy and carbon of up to 90%. These will need to combine finance, installers, products and householder aspirations.

To discuss how we could work together please contact Simon Ross on 01743 277106 or email

Find out how we can help

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